Cyber Forensics Workshop in Myanmar

I’m here to invite all of my cyber warriors! My friend U Aung Zaw Myint, Principal of M.S.T Computer Center , EC-Council’s Asia Pacific Academia Partner in Myanmar is going to launch Cyber Forensics Workshop soon. IT security is a scientific discipline that provides processes, methodologies, techniques, and required technologies for the design, implementation, deployment, […]

Hacking New Year

You hack for the good of your own enjoyment, but “The more you hack, The more we get highly job opportunities in Security Fields” 🙂 hAcking N3w [email protected]

Learning exploit development in short time! by Myne-us

Last week, we discussed about vulnerability analysis, exploit writing and being able to circumvent popular exploit mitigation techniques, to drive into it you do need to understand hardware/software/network. If you’re not, you may never be best pen tester! If you are beginner in developing exploits, you still need to learn before trying to do these […]

MyanmarCyberSecurityTeam (MCST)

Today, I got a news from one of my stuff tat, Some Security Researchers from Myanmar are comming out, ya!. Named themselves “MyanmarCyberSecurityTeam or MCST“, WoW! So many hackers (Black | White). I don’t know what going on with those guys but I like da action and activities of this MCST for Researching and Pointing […]

Clickjacking technique called “content extraction”

Cookiejacking is a UI redressing attack that allows an attacker to hijack his victim’s cookies without any XSS. Clickjacking attacks have been widely adopted by attackers worldwide on popular websites (eg Facebook) in order to perform some drive to download attacks,click forging, message sending and so on. In previous works on the same matter, new […]