Unrestricted File Upload @ Web-Based Teaching System Myanmar

Critical Unrestricted File Upload vulnerability found @ Web-Based Teaching System (Myanmar) URL : http://www.wbts.com.mm Malicious Attacker can upload some file to server without permission ! And It has persistent XSS vulnerability. Cross Site Scripting is a client-side attack where an attacker can craft a malicious link, containing script- code which is then executed within the […]

Hacked Information and Proof of Concept @ PlanetCreator.net

“Hacking” In this category, We’re going to post Hacker’s proof-of-concept. Unless you know how to hack, you can not defend yourself from hackers. We’ll know how hack hacks and how they got hacked. So, share your hacked info as following and email to theplanetcreator<-at->gmail.com < Your Nick Name > < Proof-of-Concept > Note: No PoC, […]

Fake Login Page with XSS – IFRAME – | C B Bank – Online Electricity Billing Payment System(GBPS)

When XSS vulnerabilities on bank websites are exploited by phishers, is too late to undo the unwanted consequences. The phishers were able to inject a modified login form onto the bank’s login page, specifically an IFRAME which loads the fake login form from a web server. Even if the login page uses SSL, does not […]

BackTrack 5 R3 Release – Aug 13th, 2012

The BackTrack Development team will be releasing an R3 revision of our Penetration Testing distribution in 2 weeks. This release focuses on bugfixes and over 50 new tool additions – making it the most potent revision yet. We have released a BT5 R3 preview in BlackHat Vegas for the enjoyment of conference attendees, which can […]

Critical persistent xss vulnerabilities at IPAY : Myanmar Online payment Official Site

This evening, I found a fascinated  big bill board “IPAY” http://www.ipay.com.mm at Thamine Junction, Yangon, Myanmar. Then, I said my friend “googl3group” about it, and said  “NO XSS, NO SQL Injection, NO RFI, NO LFI”! … Yeah, NO DATABASE too! he said… LOL… After a few minutes, “googl3group” send me a link to check XSS […]