Hacked Information and Proof of Concept @ PlanetCreator.net

“Hacking” In this category, We’re going to post Hacker’s proof-of-concept. Unless you know how to hack, you can not defend yourself from hackers. We’ll know how hack hacks and how they got hacked. So, share your hacked info as following and email to theplanetcreator<-at->gmail.com < Your Nick Name > < Proof-of-Concept > Note: No PoC, […]

Introducing SpearPhisher – A Simple Phishing Email Generation Tool

SpearPhisher is a simple point and click Windows GUI tool designed for (mostly) non-technical people who would like to supplement the education and awareness aspect of their information security program. Not only is it useful to non-technical folks, penetration testers may find it handy for sending quick and easy ad-hoc phishing emails. The tool supports […]

BackTrack 5 R3 Release – Aug 13th, 2012

The BackTrack Development team will be releasing an R3 revision of our Penetration Testing distribution in 2 weeks. This release focuses on bugfixes and over 50 new tool additions – making it the most potent revision yet. We have released a BT5 R3 preview in BlackHat Vegas for the enjoyment of conference attendees, which can […]

Hacking New Year

You hack for the good of your own enjoyment, but “The more you hack, The more we get highly job opportunities in Security Fields” 🙂 hAcking N3w [email protected]

#RefRef – Denial of Service ( DDoS ) Tool Developed by Anonymous

Anonymous is developing a new DDoS tool which is said to exploit SQL vulnerabilities to support the group’s future campaigns. So far, what they have is something that is platform neutral, leveraging JavaScript and vulnerabilities within SQL to create a devastating impact on the targeted website. Previously, Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC) was the go […]