How to Hack Windows XP Computer Passwords

1. Know that if you are still logged on to the Administrator account you can change user profiles using the following steps. * Go to the green “Start Button” and click “Run” then in the text box type “cmd” without the quotes. * Type “net user” then press enter * Then again type “Net user […]

Sony Rootkits your computer

SONY ROOTKITS SYSTEMS when you put a CD in to play it, a prospect that is both disturbing and scary at the same time. If you thought the record companies were not evil enough, this should be yet another cold splash of water in your face. According to Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals, he was testing […]


Hacking is an unauthorized access of computers and networks. It is the act of piercing computer systems gaining knowledge of the systems and the learning of how it works. The most outstanding definition of hacking is an act to gain access with no legal authorization of computers or computer networks. A hacker first attacks a […]

Hacking Computers Illegal Violation Access To Machines Cyber Crime

The term “hacking” has become one of those words today that are often frowned upon by people who occasionally have no idea what it involves. This homogenization of the signification of this term to the point of making it derogatory is possibly due to the fact that a number of cases of so-called “hacking computers” […]

Knowledge is power against hacker schemes

Most IT managers neglect to tell users how to avoid falling prey to the dangerous hacker technique of social engineering. Here’s what you need to know. In the past, social engineering schemes traditionally involved a hacker posing as someone from the support department and either trying to assist the user with a problem or getting […]