The Absolute Minimum

* Among geeks, the word hacker has many definitions, including a good programmer, a bad programmer, or a person that modifies technology hardware. In the mass media, it’s a person that accesses a computer they don’t own without permission. * A cracker is what computer break-in artists called themselves, but we call them hackers. * […]

Double Your Defense with a Double Firewall

If you have a home network router, your computer and other computers on the network (such as your spouse’s laptop and your children’s computer) are protected from the outside world. However, you are not protected from the computers inside the router. So you might want to leave on the Windows Firewall or a two-way firewall […]

Wall off the World—Install a Better Firewall in an Afternoon

More advanced firewalls can be time-consuming to install, but they are not difficult to use. Take the time to fortify your defenses. It is really worthwhile.Install a Two-way Software Firewall Installing a third-party firewall gives you two-way protection. It stops hackers and worms from coming into your computer from the Internet. And if your computer […]

Batten down the Hatches—10-Minute Tactics

The simplest way to defend your computer quickly against hackers is to use a firewall. So let’s look at your two fastest options. Either can be done in 10 minutes.Turn on Windows Firewall If you have Windows XP’s Service Pack 2 installed, your Windows Firewall is probably already turned on. Here’s how to check: 1. […]

How to Fix a Hacker Attack

After a computer has been hacked it can never be trusted again. So say the pros, and security expert Steve Gibson, of, in particular. “There is no way to know what might have been altered or changed. Any component could be Trojaned, or TimeBombed, or anything. The only thing to do if you want […]