Hard disk data recovery – Recover from damaged disk? Wipe out the harddisk to avoid spying

Think of the time you take to copy a 1 GB file to the hard disk drive and the time taken to delete the same file. Doesn’t it take very less time to delete it compared to the time you took to copy it? This implies that the file is not completely deleted from your […]

SQL Injection Attacks and Prevent

Introduction Security in software applications is an ever more important topic. In this article, I discuss various aspects of SQL Injection attacks, what to look for in your code, and how to secure it against SQL Injection attacks. Although the technologies used here are SQL Server 2000 and the .NET Framework, the general ideas presented […]

How Can You Protect Yourself from Google Hacking?

The first step for protecting yourself from something is knowing how that something works. In the case of Google hacking, you will have to learn how it can be used for acquiring confidential information from individuals and corporations. An ideal place to look for a how to hack with Google tutorial is Amazon. Within this […]

Best Windowblinds desktop theme collection-Updating

Friends, some of my best themes for Windowblinds (5.1 or higher)…am goin to post more, if i see interests from you, have fun!!! InviPro EN2: Protected Message: Code:

Vista ver. 2: Protected Message: Code:

Bronze Daize: Protected Message: Code:

World of Warcraft: Protected Message: Code:

Night Vision: Protected Message: Code: