XSS The Complete Walkthrough

Author: t0pP8uZz Description: Complete tutorial on XSS methods. Homepage: G0t-Root.net, H4cky0u.org, Milw0rm.com Date: 24/07/07 Chapters: What is XSS? Finding XSS Vulnerbilitys The Basics On XSS Deface Methods Cookie Stealing Filteration Bypassing Advanced XSS Securing XSS –==+================================================================================+==– –==+          XSS The Complete Walkthrough [Chapter 1 – What is XSS?]               +==– –==+================================================================================+==– ‘XSS’ also known as ‘CSS’ (Cross […]

Domain Stealing or How to Hijack a Domain

Please note this is an old technique again, just for learning purposes, learn how the old techniques worked and why they worked, then try and discover new ways to do things. Summary The sole purpose of the information contained in this advisory is to point out the flaws in InterNIC’s domain name handling system and […]

Social Engineering Fundamentals

A True Story One morning a few years back, a group of strangers walked into a large shipping firm and walked out with access to the firm’s entire corporate network. How did they do it? By obtaining small amounts of access, bit by bit, from a number of different employees in that firm. First, they […]