Useful Free Windows Programs Under 2MB

Belarc AdvisorBuilds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser. ShowIPShows ones Private and Public IP address and alerts you of changes. Folder2MyPCWith this utility you can add any folders or program shortcut to ” My computer ” and “Control panel” HamachiHamachi is a zero-configuration virtual […]

What is DNS hijacking?

DNS hijacking is the process of altering the name server records and redirecting the users to a bogus website. As everyone knows every domain name depends on its name server to direct the user to go a particular IP address and when the name server get compromised user will be taken to another site which […]

Registry Tips and Tricks

Display Your Quick Launch ToolbarTip: Is your Quick Launch toolbar missing from the taskbar? To display your familiar Quick Launch toolbar: Right-click an empty area on the taskbar, click Toolbars, and then click Quick Launch. Easy as that your Quick Launch bar appears. To add items to your Quick Launch toolbar, click the icon for […]

Hacking Banking

Here is process for hacking online banking and credit cards transactions and also a process to prevent from them . The Scenario You go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and to utilize the shop’s Wi-Fi HotSpot to surf the web. You connect to the hotspot network and decide to perform some […]

Send Email with telnet

Well….. Go to Start, then Run…You have to Telnet (Xserver) on port 25Well, (In this Xserver) you have to put the name of a server without the ( ) of course…Put in in (Xserver) because it always work it is a server with many bugs in it.(25) mail port.So now we are like this.telnet […]