How to prevent SQL Injection

SQL Injection: What It Is There was once a famous doctor that had it completely right: never trust your patients. Now this doctor may have only been a sitcom doctor on the show “House,” but we’ll be taking a page from his book. Of course, in our case the patients will actually be Internet users. […]

TCP/IP Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to supply a brief overview of TCP/IP protocol. Explanations of IP addresses, classes, netmasks, subnetting, and routing are provided, and several example networks are considered. The IP Address and Classes Hosts and networks IP addressing is based on the concept of hosts and networks. A host is essentially anything on the […]

FBI Fears Chinese Hackers and/or Government Agents Have Back Door Into US Government & Military Computer Networks

ome months ago, my contacts in the defense industry had alerted me to a startling development that has escalated to the point of near-panick in nearly all corners of Government Security and IT infrastructure. The very-real concern, being investigated by the FBI, is that either the Chinese government or Chinese hackers (or both) have had […]

Hacking a Windows 2000 system through IPC$

1: Scanning for open Win2k systems2: Connecting to the IPC$3: Connecting and using Computer Management.4. Disable NTLM5: Starting the Telnet service6: Creating user accounts and adding them to a group7: Covering your tracks8: How to protect your Win2k system from this attack —————————————————————————————————–You need to be running a Win2k system: Superscan version 3.00 by Foundstone […]

Project: The Wifi Predator

Picture this: You find yourself sitting in a hotel room that does not offer wireless internet… As you look out the window, you spot that the three hotels & a Starbucks across the street advertising “Free Wireless Internet” — if only you had known this when you booked! You fire up your wireless card, but […]