What are cryptographic attacks?

Cryptographic attacks are methods of evading the security of a cryptographic system by finding weaknesses in such areas as the code, cipher, cryptographic protocol or key management scheme in the cryptographic algorithm. The following are the cryptographic attacks usually performed by an attacker: * Known plaintext attack: In a known plaintext attack, an attacker should […]

How does the form-based authentication scheme work?

The form-based authentication scheme works in the following manner: * A client generates a request for a protected resource (e.g. a transaction details page). * The Internet Information Server (IIS) receives the request. If the requesting client is authenticated by IIS, the user/client is passed on to the Web application. * If the client does […]

IP spoofing

IP spoofing is about the most advanced attack that can be executed on a computer system. IP spoofing, if done correctly, is one of the smoothest and hardest attacks on the internet. But IP spoofing attacks are actually very complicated. IP spoofing happens when an attacker tricks or bluffs the target system into believing that […]

XSS Stealing Cookies

This method (XSS attacks) is for get the cookies users, so, for get information of users… and then, login into the account of the victim user…u will have to give one adress to the admin or the user u want to enter in his account… What is cooke? In computing, a cookie (also tracking cookie, […]

How does a cross site scripting (XSS) attack work?

A cross site scripting attack works in the following manner: * The attacker identifies a web site that has one or more XSS bugs for example, a web site that echoes the contents of a querystring. * The attacker crafts a special URL that includes a malformed and malicious querystring containing HTML and scripts such […]