Mozilla Firefox the most vulnerable browser?

Its hard time for guys at Mozilla firefox. The browser has earned the title of being the most vulnerable application on windows platform. Application white listing and application control vendor Bit9, titled firefox on top on its list of top 12 as many of the flaws exposed millions of Windows users to remote code execution […]

Twitter accounts hacked : Barack Obama, Britney etc on the list

According to twitter, a micro blogging site, 33 twitter accounts were compromised and false and inappropriate messages were posted online. Hacked accounts include prominent twitter sources like President-elect Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez, Britney Spears, Fox News etc. It’s believed that accounts were compromised after a hacker accessed tools of the support team used to reset […]

Friendster accounts hacking menace

Someone asked us recently how to hack a Friendster account. Of course, we refused point blank as hacking is not only illegal, it is utterly loathsome. It is none of anyone’s business to get inside the affairs of others. We are living in a civilized world in this 21st century, should respect privacy of all […]

How to hack a website? – Tips and tricks

Here are the most common techniques used to hack a website Hacking sites that are least protected by password – By pass authentication It’s the webmaster’s nightmare, hackers accessing the site using stolen passwords which should be under control. Usually hackers will be well known persons who they know. They use various techniques to steal […]

How to hack?

This is a tutorial I found on the net. This tutorial will explain to you how to hack someone’s internet account thru his router.This hack is based on a secuirty exploit of the router’s default password and the stupidity of the user.Explanation: when somebody buy’s a xDSL/Cabel router, the router is set to manufactory defaults […]