More Trojan horse for Apple Mac! Is Mac more insecure than windows?

One more malware have been spotted for the Apple Mac machine. This time Trojan.iServices.B which gets into the system, open the backdoor in Mac machines and connect them to a zombie network. This malware is distributed through pirated copies Adobe Photoshop CS4 available at warez channel. Few days back another malware of the same type […]

Detecting New Rootkits

A new rootkit can either be one that has never been seen before, or one that uses new technologies or previously unused methods of attack. Or both. Andthat is where our rootkit detection problems start. How can we detect rootkits? There are simple and complex pseudo-solutions. I say “pseudo” because of the number of false […]

What is a rootkit?

For me, it is the evolution of the Trojan Horse concept. It is, in these days, a complete package of trojanized system utilities, with some interesting add-on programs, like specially designed sniffers and, maybe the most dangerous or frightening, kernel modules whose primary objective is to hide certain processes, directories and/or files. Being at the […]

Cyber attacks are real but is there any foolproof defense yet?

Tulip Systems Inc., the world renowned high bandwidth and broadcast stream hosting service US corporation was under repeated cyber attacks aimed at disrupting web services during the Georgia-Russia standoff few months ago. The promoters of Tulip are Georgian expatriates and this has enabled Tulip to work on many internet initiatives in Georgia. Tulip revealed that […]

Hack Tools, Utilities and Exploits

Packetstorm Last 10 Files glsa-200901-13.txt – Gentoo Linux Security Advisory GLSA 200901-13 – Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Pidgin, allowing for remote arbitrary code execution, denial of service and service spoofing. Versions less than 2.5.1 are affected. moinmoin-xss.txt – The MoinMoin Wiki engine suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.