Waledac, the Geo-Targeted Malware

Malware authors are using IP tracking methods to deliver the latest variant of malware. It’s reported that the malware Waledec sends localized news to the victims using GeoIP technologies. The malware lure the user by sending news about recent terror attacks in their city and other heavily localized news. Once infected with the malware the […]

Investigate Google’s Gmail, Docs and other products: EPIC Petitions to FTC

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) a privacy group based in Washington, D.C filed a petition to Federal trade commission to investigate the Google’s cloud computing offerings. They asked FTC to investigate products including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Picasa — to determine “the adequacy of the privacy and security safeguards.” The group cites various […]

Stealth, dangerous and still un-armed!

W.32Downadup.C, the third variant of the Conficker virus is more aggressive and trying to be stealth by disabling the security software installed on the machine. The new variant is focusing more on how to hide itself than on spreading to more computer. It uses and improved algorithm which generates more than 500,000 random domains per […]