[Tut/Sources] References to poly/meta/permutation

Articles: Polymorphic engines – Trigger – SLAM #4 Code:

Polymorphism ant Intel instruction format – LiTlLe VxW – 29A #7 Code:

Guide to improving Polymorphic Engines – Rogue Warrior Code:

???????????: ??? ?????? (Polymorphism: what’s next) – Z0mbie (rus) Code:

????????? ???????????????? ?????? (Concept of the undetectable virus) – RedArc – […]

China’s ‘Green Dam-Youth Escort’ Software

Green Dam Youth Escort is the censor ware developed and distributed by Chinese government to filter ‘harmful’ content. Here are some details about the working of the software. ‘Green Dam-Youth Escort’ will filter All text editors on the market (EditPlus, UltraEdit, EmEditor), Office software suites (WPS, MS Office), E-mail clients, Instant messaging clients Browsers Green […]