Local File Download Theory

Make your own Hardend Internet Firewall

Make your own “Hardend Internet Firewall” using that forgotton PC in your basement. Yes.. You know the PC I am talking about. We all have them. Remember that $3000 Pentium 133 with 64megs of ram that you bought? Well instead of it just sitting there gathering dust, lets put that bad-boy to work. Using a […]

How to Detect a Hacker Attack?

How to Detect a Hacker Attack Most computer vulnerabilities can be exploited in a variety of ways. Hacker attacks may use a single specific exploit, several exploits at the same time, a misconfiguration in one of the system components or even a backdoor from an earlier attack. Due to this, detecting hacker attacks is not […]

Getting e-mail password

Step 1: Login to http://www.facebook.com with your account. Step 2: Find the “friend” who you would like to hack. Step 3: Go to their profile and click the “info” tab. Most people post all their information under this section, example: birth date, hometown, favorite music, favorite movies, email address… you get the idea. This information […]

Hacker Must Be Knowing

Things Which A Wannabe Hacker Must Be Knowing! Open Source Software Disadvantages Open Source software can be downloaded and analysed manually and locally on the attackers’ host. If it is self made it’s harder to get the source code what really helps on finding a bug to slip trough and get access. There are so […]