Hacked Information and Proof of Concept @ PlanetCreator.net

“Hacking” In this category, We’re going to post Hacker’s proof-of-concept. Unless you know how to hack, you can not defend yourself from hackers. We’ll know how hack hacks and how they got hacked. So, share your hacked info as following and email to theplanetcreator<-at->gmail.com < Your Nick Name > < Proof-of-Concept > Note: No PoC, […]

Timing Attacks with HTML5

HTML 5 and related technologies bring a whole slew of new features to web browsers, some of which can be a threat to security and privacy. This paper describes a number of new timing attack techniques that can be used by a malicious web page to steal sensitive data from modern web browsers, breaking cross-origin […]

brb’s uninstaller 2009, Freeware

When brb’s Uninstaller is started, its main window fills with installed applications. Change View type From the uninstaller toolbar you can change the way that the list of applications may be viewed. A fast and simple way to change that view is to click on the View button. Alternatively, you can use the drop-down button […]