Our Vision

We must protect our peoples and facilities in ways that also respect the human rights of the communities in which we operate!

We Created this PlanetCreator blog since 2007 and changed blogspot to www.planetcreator.net Powered by WordPress, SecurityTeam and Hacked Info. This site is wholly owned by PlanetCreator

Due for Security Reasons, We’re not allow anyone to register.

To contact PlanetCreator’s Security Team and Hackers Group, please fill in and submit the form below or send mail to admin[at]planetcreator.net. However, due to the enormous number of emails we receive daily, it may not be possible to reply to each and everyone; please bear with us. Rest assured, we read them all and act upon wherever necessary.

Please note:

We do not endorse hacking or teach hacking. Please don’t send any request for password assistance or hacking. Don’t expect a reply for any. We are sorry if you want to hack your friend for fun or for revenge; we can’t help if you doubt if your spouse is cheating on you; we can’t help if you have lost the password. Really sorry! We welcome criticism, advice, feedback, articles and contact from individuals or groups who want to make this world a safer place to be in.”

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Privacy Statement

Non-personal aggregate information may be extracted or compiled for the purposes of generating statistics and aggregate reports for internal use only. In this instance, these statistics and reports will contain only aggregated and no personally identifiable information. Your identity is kept strictly anonymous.

We do not collect personal information about you unless you specifically and knowingly provide such information to us. Instances where we may collect such information include: where you have entered information into a contact request form; or where you have subscribed to our newsletter. We endeavor only to collect personal information necessary in the circumstances. In the above-mentioned instances, personal information collected may include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Other than as indicated above, we will not sell, rent, share or otherwise make available your personal information to any outside parties without your consent. In such a case, we will tell you for what purpose such information will be disclosed and we will ask for your consent to “opt-in”. If you want to share your personal information, you will have to respond affirmatively. If you do not respond, by default, we will assume that you do not want to be involved and your information will not be sold, rented, shared with or otherwise made available to outside parties.